Kim Thrift – The Faces of The Golden Strip

My first nomination form from a stranger. So exciting! This is just the beginning. Also my first interview for The Faces Of  (Anja Smith) is now my buyer client under contract to buy a house. You have no idea how many other REALTORS she knows!!! But she called ME!!!

I will also get the listing side of their current home when they are finished with getting it ready to list.

There are no words to fully express what this opportunity has done for me. Take away the fact that my first person interviewed just bought a house with me and I am about to list her prior house. Even though she knows several REALTORS, she said she liked what I was doing for the community. The biggest return on this has not come in monetary form. It has been hearing the stories of the people within my community, being encouraged by what they do behind the scenes for local charities or what they have personally overcome. Ive been inspired by learning about how they fulfilled their dreams despite adversity along the way. There have been many testimonials of the way that God has been with them through every process and seeing his hand in the highs and the lows. I leave humbled, and yet energized at the same time because I have the opportunity (platform) to bless others with their story. Stories that deserve to be told. In a day and time where news and social media are so negative, I am proud that I am able to share positive heartwarming stories that bring hope of the goodness that is still in the world while helping to foster closer community in the process . The ability to become a connector of people like a human chain link is indescribable. If I could earn a living doing this as a full time job, this would be my dream job. Kim Thrift, REALTOR and Host of The Faces of The Golden Strip 

Susan Guda – The Faces of Woodstock

The Faces Of Project has had an incredible impact in my community. It has taken on a life of its own and the community is enriched by the experience of highlighting their stories one-by-one. What I love most about this project is the way that the nominees literally look up and smile with the thoughts of the kindness that surrounds them. This process does not make me concentric in the stories. It makes the nominee the hero and by so doing they will never forget how I made them feel. Ideally, the relationships are built so that you never have to remind them of who you are. I love what this project has become in my town. Susan Guda, REALTOR and Host of The Faces of Woodstock

Nathalie Mullinix

We discuss The Faces Of on Universal Realty Radio

Steve Gardner

Micki Esposito

Joy James – The Faces of Partner Hall County

Thank you for The Faces of Hall County interview and posting last week. I shared it on my personal page and have gotten a total of 224 Likes and 47 comments! Here’s to a great 2019! Thank you for your support. #FacesofHallCo – Joy James

Joy James

Faces of Partner Hall County

Sylvia Myers – The Faces of Partner Houston County

“In two short weeks since I launched this project, I am being sought out to write stories about people I have not met yet, from people I have never met yet. They are my new FRIENDS. As I am in the business of making friends, you know. I have a new listing appointment and a new buyer directly from this project. People are scrambling to get their interviews completed so they can be the next one promoted.”

Sylvia Moore Myers

Faces of Partner Houston County

Leah Miller – Hall County Georgia

I just recently found out about The Faces of Hall County.  I found it on instagram. I love seeing the faces and hearing stories behind local businesses in the area. It makes doing business with them much more personal ?.  I would like to nominate someone for your project.  Her name is Tashina Fritz and she owns Fit4mom, which is a fitness program designed for moms of all stages of motherhood. Every day we meet in Roosevelt Square to workout with our children in strollers.  Tashina is changing the lives of moms all over Hall County.  It would be so great if we could honor her for the hard work she does helping us better ourselves.

Leah Miller 

E-mailed to nominate a friend.

Hall County Georgia

Alex Bittner – The Faces of East Volusia Florida

I am having a lot of fun conducting the Faces Of interviews for my project in Florida. I’m hooked, it’s a really cool idea/experience.  I find that the face time you get with those you interview is invaluable.  The questions we ask are lighthearted enough to not intimidate but they make the subject stop and think.  Sitting there recording everything, you can just watch their reactions and expressions, truly listening to them and making them feel heard.  I’m addicted.  I met the mayor tonight and lined up an interview with him on Friday of this week!

Alex Bittner

The Faces of East Volusia Florida

Adams Cameron Real Estate

Ashley Box Collins – Teacher at Lakeview Academy

Recently a campaign was started in our area to promote individuals making a positive impact on our community.  I enjoyed reading about the endeavors of my fellow neighbors and felt it was a great way to get to know the people in and around our area.  I immediately began to think of others I could nominate for the campaign and reached out to Brad Abernathy, who I knew to be the pioneer behind The Faces Of project.  After speaking with Brad, it became apparent that his knowledge of our small town and the appreciation for the people who live here made him an excellent realtor.  That is why when it came time for me to find an agent to sell my home, I immediately called on Brad.  His group helped us close on two homes within the last year, and they are working with other members of our family now.

Ashley Box Collins

Teacher at Lakeview Academy

Gainesville GA

Mark Hopkins – Owner of Hop’s Kitchen

“I thought being involved was great!  It really got my name out there.  I had a big response for a couple of weeks and would love to do it again.  We saw a rise in business…and had some record days…”

Mark Hopkins

Owner of Hop’s Kitchen

Gainesville GA

Amanda Browning – Owner Amanda’s Farm to Fork

“I loved being part of The Faces of Hall County!  I received wonderful responses and because I know of it, I am able to look and read about other people that are in the project.  I truly believe it makes a large community feel smaller with a more hometown feel.  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of something so cool!”

Amanda Browning

Owner Amanda’s Farm to Fork

Lula GA

Christy Carter – Work Based Learning Coordinator

“I feel that this project, The Faces of Hall County, is an amazing experience for our students, school and the Work Based Learning Program of Flowery Branch High School.  I hope it continues and we are able to place a student for the 2nd semester of the 2018-2019 school year to help you conduct interviews and write posts for the south end of the county. We have some really great people in our community and this project showcases that.  Kudos to you for providing a “small town” feeling via a professional platform for our community leaders and representatives to be recognized.  Please let me know if you have any other opportunities for our school or our students to be involved in.  I am grateful for your partnership.  Have a great week and I hope to see you soon!”

Christy Carter

Work Based Learning Coordinator

Flowery Branch High School

Landon Brockmeyer – The Hot Dog Ninja

“I was very happy to have been asked to be a Face of Hall County.  My business was very new and the exposure I received was amazing.  I have also loved following this project on Instagram to learn about and meet new people that I might not have normally met.  God has moved in big ways for me since starting this business, and your project was part of that.  Thank you for spreading the word about me and my business.”

Landon Brockmeyer

The Hot Dog Ninja

Gainesville GA

Heidi Ferguson – Gainesville, Georgia

“I was honored to be asked to be a part of this wonderful community “get to know your neighbors” type of literature – online! I love reading the interviews and hearing the different opinions of everyone. I’ve learned about businesses that I’d never been to before. I also love getting to know the PEOPLE of our great community! I love how EASY it is to read online. I love the VARIETY of leaders, business owners, and others that make up the project.”

Heidi Ferguson

Gainesville, Georgia

Lula GA

Rachel Marascalco – The Faces of St. Simons

“The process of interviewing individuals has been so much more rewarding than I ever expected.  I have thoroughly enjoyed conducting them as they have led to some of the best conversations I’ve had.  I almost forget what it is that I am there to accomplish.  People have been very receptive to the idea.  It’s like their 15 minutes of fame.  The networking opportunities are endless.  I can’t wait to see what unfolds.  Once I went live with the project the feedback and interaction were instantaneous.  I had emails and phone calls within minutes of my first live posting.”

Rachel Marascalco

Realtor and Partner

The Faces of St. Simons

St. Simons Island, GA

Dr. Christina White – Brenau University

“I started following The Faces of Hall County when it started.  I loved reading the interviews and finding out more about my neighbors.  I was thrilled when they asked if they could interview and feature me.  What a wonderful project to be a part of.  I was honored to be included!  Thank you!”

Dr. Christina White

Brenau University

Gainesville GA

Myrtle Figueras – Former Mayor and Councilwoman, City of Gainesville, GA

Monsieur Brad:

“What a great honor for me to be asked to be a small part of this beautiful project!  At the beginning,  I was not fully aware of its overall intention, but I feel a special connection with the individuals whose lives have been highlighted. I am humbled that I was included among those who show that the diversity of our community is our strength! We’re more of a GREAT bunch because of strong ones like you who emphasize the positive threads that make all of us COMMUNITY.  Merci encore for asking me to contribute!”

Myrtle Figueras

Former Mayor and Councilwoman

City of Gainesville, GA  

Leonard Giarrano

Brad Sugars

Brian Weiss

Faces of Ambassador

Alex Haynes

Bounty Hunter

Pepper Brown

General Surgeon

Ashley Collins


Zandrea Stephens

Division Manager