Kim Thrift – The Faces of The Golden Strip

My first nomination form from a stranger. So exciting! This is just the beginning. Also my first interview for The Faces Of  (Anja Smith) is now my buyer client under contract to buy a house. You have no idea how many other REALTORS she knows!!! But she called ME!!!

I will also get the listing side of their current home when they are finished with getting it ready to list.

There are no words to fully express what this opportunity has done for me. Take away the fact that my first person interviewed just bought a house with me and I am about to list her prior house. Even though she knows several REALTORS, she said she liked what I was doing for the community. The biggest return on this has not come in monetary form. It has been hearing the stories of the people within my community, being encouraged by what they do behind the scenes for local charities or what they have personally overcome. Ive been inspired by learning about how they fulfilled their dreams despite adversity along the way. There have been many testimonials of the way that God has been with them through every process and seeing his hand in the highs and the lows. I leave humbled, and yet energized at the same time because I have the opportunity (platform) to bless others with their story. Stories that deserve to be told. In a day and time where news and social media are so negative, I am proud that I am able to share positive heartwarming stories that bring hope of the goodness that is still in the world while helping to foster closer community in the process . The ability to become a connector of people like a human chain link is indescribable. If I could earn a living doing this as a full time job, this would be my dream job. Kim Thrift, REALTOR and Host of The Faces of The Golden Strip 

Susan Guda – The Faces of Woodstock

The Faces Of Project has had an incredible impact in my community. It has taken on a life of its own and the community is enriched by the experience of highlighting their stories one-by-one. What I love most about this project is the way that the nominees literally look up and smile with the thoughts of the kindness that surrounds them. This process does not make me concentric in the stories. It makes the nominee the hero and by so doing they will never forget how I made them feel. Ideally, the relationships are built so that you never have to remind them of who you are. I love what this project has become in my town. Susan Guda, REALTOR and Host of The Faces of Woodstock

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