Let us pretend that someone walked up to 10 people in your town at random and asked them this question:  Who are the 3 best Realtors in this town?  Who would be their answers?  Who would they list?  Would your name be listed by 1 of them, by 5 of them, by all 10 of them?

The experts say that if your name is listed by people as one of the top three in your business then you have won in marketing, name recognition, and word of mouth advertising.  So, how do you begin building visibility?

Being different than others can make you more visible.  We did something different.  We created The Faces of Hall County GA as our community story.  Each week we add several new posts on our website with new smiling pictures and interviews from people in our town.  Then we share the pictures and tidbits from the article onto social media.  People can click on them and leave social media to read the article on my website.  While there they see our name, what we do, other people we have posted, etc.

Did this project make us more visible?  YES!  We averaged 562 visits per month on our website before our project.  Just a few months after our project began we were averaging over 4,000 visits per month on our website.  Thousands of my neighbors each month see my name and photo attached to a wonderful project.

Was I one of the most visible Realtors in my town before this project began?  Probably not.  There were 1,900 different real estate agents that sold at least one property in my community last year.  What about now?  The answer is a resounding yes.  My name would be one of the answers many times if you asked 10 people in my town the question above.

Our business was created by Realtors.  We partner with one agent per community and we make them locally famous.  Call or email us to set up a phone conversation so that we can learn more about you.