If you are in business I am certain you are trying to reach people.  How do real estate agents do that today on social media?

I have seen thousands of posts.  Just sold – Yippee!  Just listed!  Reduced price!  CONGRATS I just won the Vice President Circle of Listing Crystal Trophy from blah blah.

Do these posts engage your local public?  No.

Others can’t help themselves and post freely about religion, politics, race relations, etc.  Is this smart for business?  No.  Does this engage your community and help people know you and your business better?  No.

I have always believed that whatever I do on social media should engage and lead people away from it and to my website.  Do you know how difficult it is to pull someone away from Facebook or Instagram to your website?  Social media programs never want you to leave.  My website will be here in the future and I control its look and its content.  Will these social platforms be here in the future?  Probably, but who really knows?  Some have already gone away.  Some maybe too big to go away.  What I do know is that my website is in my control.

We did something different.  The Faces of Hall County GA is our community story.  Each week we add several new posts on our website with new smiling pictures and interviews from people in our town.  Then we share the pictures and tidbits from the article onto social media.  People can click on them and leave social media to read the article on my website.  While there they see our name, what we do, other people we have posted, etc.

Was what we did more engaging?  Before our new project we averaged 562 visits per month on our website.  Just a few months after our project began we were averaging over 4,000 visits per month on our website.  Our facebook posts get hundreds of click throughs to our website, they get dozens and often hundreds of likes, comments, and shares.  None of our former real estate house posts have ever gotten engagement like our posts from our The Faces Of project.

Our business was created by Realtors.  We partner with one agent per community and we make them locally famous.  Call or email us to set up a phone conversation so that we can learn more about you.