Everyone has a sphere of influence.  Some may be just a handful of people while others reach and influence thousands.  In order for me to be an influence to someone, I must be valuable to them.  Value can be something I provide, something I stand for, something I do for someone.

Giving value, authentically, to another without asking for anything in return would be a great way to add that person to your sphere of influence.  What if you did something so different and unique for them that it was also noticed by their sphere of influence?  Instead of thinking in a way to make your sphere larger, what if you thought in a way that made them shine within their sphere.

We created a stage and a spotlight for a community project, The Faces of Hall County. It is the story of my community, told through the people here, one smiling face at a time.  When I shine our light on someone, a Face of my community, they get attention, recognition, and local fame.  It is an honor for them.

Every time I highlight someone I am growing my sphere and expanding my reach.  Can you see it?  I give value to someone and it is noticed by others.  When we provide value to someone through our project we are reaching dozens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of others.

Our business was created by Realtors.  We partner with one agent per community and we make them locally famous.  Call or email us to set up a phone conversation so that we can learn more about you.